Executive Director


Our Executive Director, Pam Coffey provides Healthy House with the leadership necessary to fulfill its mission. Pam reports to the board of directors and has overall responsibility for carrying out all strategic and operational activities. She has a strong presence in the community, leads the development and implementation of programmatic activities, and manages the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Pam's experience includes the leadership of multiple successful businesses in Kalamazoo including Felicity Salon and the Luxe Gifts store. Pam is particularly qualified to carry out the vision of the organization because of her personal experience as a recovered addict combined with her business acumen.

House Manager

The Healthy House Manager is a part-time professional with the responsibility of managing and coordinating Healthy House. This includes duties related to (1) administration, (2) housekeeping, and (3) daily living. The person in this position works directly with women in recovery from addiction and trauma, provides structure and support to women seeking to establish stable long-term recovery from a substance use disorder.

Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant is a live-in, part-time position offered to senior graduates of Healthy House or women who have had experience with living in a recovery home, and have proven positive change, positive attitude, great capability for empathy, strong leadership skills, and life-skills, commensurable to the tasks of leading other women in recovery by example."