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Healthy House For Women
Quarterly eNewsletter
April-June 2023

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The rose that grew through concrete
- Tupac Shakur

"Mental health is affected by the state of your physical body, your relationships, and your spirituality. Drug and alcohol problems can alter each of these areas of your health. Our group sessions focus on psychological wellness, because you are a whole person in body, mind, and spirit."

We hope to see you at our Seeds of Joy
Block Party
- June 23rd, 2023 -

Upcoming events

Join us for our first Seeds of Joy Block Party on June 23, 5-7:30pm for some music, cheese, non-alcoholic drinks and great company. See the flyer for more information.

Around our home


We completed our Michigan Association of Recovery Residences Certification application and site visit! 

A new home for our Roses


We purchased a beautiful Colonial home on the West-side of town. We are working diligently to raise the funds for its renovation. Once completed, this home will allow us to serve 9 more women for a total of 17. 

Services at Healthy House

We are partnering with Indue Healing Services (IHS) to provide group-therapy using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group for our Roses. The group works towards inner peaces and wholesomeness. With guidance with IHS, Our Roses learn how much their way of thinking about themselves and their lives is related to how well they feel.

Choose healthy foods for a healthy you 


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