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The Manager works with women seeking recovery from the time they apply for entry into the program to program completion, or transition to housing in the community. This position is responsible for all program entry and exiting procedures. The Recovery Residence Manager oversees daily operations of the Recovery Residence. This includes managing and coordinating daily housekeeping tasks, leading weekly “House Meetings” whenever necessary, conducting inspections, and making arrangements for random drug testing. 


This position is also involved in supporting residents to develop recovery plans and teaching residents, skills needed to live in recovery. The Recovery Residence Manager works as part of a team and receives regular non-clinical supervision from the Executive Director.


Candidates for this position must be able to maintain organized records, communicate effectively both orally and in writing, and be able to interact appropriately and professionally with women who are working on their recovery. Candidates must also be able to effectively handle emergency/crisis situations as they arise."


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The Healthy House Internship Program is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It introduces students in the mental health or women’s health fields of study to the important role that Level III recovery homes on the Social model of recovery houses play in ensuring a productive life for women in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Interns gain practical experience through projects, special assignments, or research that support community-based programming, policies and best practices in the prevention and treatment of addiction and mental illness.


Students selected as Healthy House interns will use their specific skills and knowledge while implementing hands-on, the principles covered during their education. At Healthy House, each intern will be able to work under the guidance of the Healthy House manager and a Board member with expertise in the field of interest, and all attempts will be made to match their course of study and field of interest to projects and special assignments.

The duration of the internship will cover a semester of studies and a report will be required from the Intern upon completion. 

If you are in your last year of studies or within 5 years of graduating from an undergraduate or a graduate program in Public Health, Mental health, Women’s Studies, Social Work, Administration, or Business, we encourage to join the Healthy House Family by sending a message here."

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We have a warm, comfortable home to help you grow, rebuild and heal. 

Our programs are created to help you get back on your feet, reconnect with your family and into society where you can find reliable employment and feel whole again. 

Many volunteers are here to offer the support you need in a caring environment for you to feel safe and a place to thrive. 


We love volunteers! There are many ways you can help our effort; from donating time and expertise to help us run the home, helping the Executive Board with governance work, leading a workshop, to organizing fundraisers, and many things in between. If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please contact us today! More information about volunteer opportunities and how to apply can be found here.

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